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Will I Be More Sensitive to Alcohol Following LAP-BAND Surgery?


With a gastric LAP-BAND, alcohol absorption remains just as it was before the surgery, so you shouldn't be more sensitive to alcohol per se. The LAP-BAND differs from gastric bypass surgery as there isn't any stapling or cutting of the stomach, nor any rerouting of the intestines. This allows for moderate consumption of alcohol.

With the LAP-BAND, drinking alcohol occasionally shouldn't cause any real setbacks in weight loss. You should be aware however, that alcohol breaks down vitamins and carries a significant amount of empty calories. If the alcoholic beverage is carbonated, like Beer and Champagne, the carbonation may cause your Stoma to stretch and defeat the LAP-BAND by allowing more food (and calories) to be taken with each meal.

To learn more about alcohol consumption with the LAP-BAND, please call LAP-BAND VIP at 1-855-690-0560, and our staff will be happy to provide additional information.