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Speaking To A Psychologist Before LAP-BAND Surgery

Patients may be surprised that they are required to see a psychologist prior to getting approval for LAP-BAND surgery. In fact, most insurance policies have this requirement before they agree to reimburse the patient for any bariatric surgery. We view it as a positive thing, to help patients understand their particular motivation for weight loss and getting LAP-BAND surgery. Being emotionally prepared for surgery can help you make the changes necessary to become physically healthy.

Although it may seem like any goal is a good one if you’re obese and you want to lose weight, this may not be the case. Some individuals are desperate to lose weight because of goals that don’t relate back to their health, and this can affect their post-op results. Our LAP-BAND VIP team wants to ensure that you are fully prepared for the lifestyle changes you will have to make after surgery, and that you understand what it takes to achieve success.

Once you have met with a LAP-BAND surgeon at our offices for the first time, you’ll identify your goals and speak to the surgeon about what you hope to achieve. Eventually, an appointment will be set up to see a psychologist, who will listen to how your obesity has affected you, and ask you questions about your relationship with food. Even if you see a psychologist on your own, we will ask you to see ours.

Our psychologist will closely listen to your story about how being overweight has affected your health and self-esteem over the years, and what you think caused you to gain weight. You can speak openly in a confidential, nonjudgmental setting as you gain a deeper perspective on why you may need surgery. A psychologist has specialized experience in understanding the relationship between the emotional and psychological components of eating and an individual’s relationship with food. Our goal at LAP-BAND VIP is to get our patients in the correct mindset so they have the best chance of success.

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