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The LAP-BAND Formula For Success

As we mentioned a
couple weeks ago, people have varying results with their LAP-BAND. Remember
the LAP-BAND is simply a tool to help you reach your weight loss goals. So
how can you make the most of your LAP-BAND? By following these simple
principles, you are sure to see the results you want.

Portions, Portions, and more portions!! Hold out your hand,
and look at your palm. That is the amount of food you should be eating three
times a day. If you continually overeat, your stomach pouch may stretch.
Also, overeating can induce vomiting which can lead to stomach slippage. Both
effects run counter to why you have the LAP-BAND! You've heard it before chew
your food thoroughly. The opening to your lower stomach is very narrow, and
the food must be broken down in order to move through the passageway, so take
your time and enjoy your food.

Put the drink down! Hold off on liquids for at least one
hour after eating. It is extremely important that only solid, nutritious
foods are being consumed during meal time. This does not mean that liquids
are not important. Quite the contrary. Six to eight glasses of water a day
should be the standard. This will help keep you hydrated and flush your
system. If you do drink something other than water, make sure it is low

Do not eat between meals. Snacking between meals is the fast
road to failure. If you are feeling hungry, however, this is a clear
indication that your LAP-BAND needs to be adjusted.

Always cease eating as soon as you are full. The signal that
the brain receives from the stomach that it is full does not happen
instantaneously. That is why it is so crucial to eat slowly and listen to
your body.

Finally, 30 minutes of exercise is recommended for everyone,
regardless of whether you have the LAP-BAND or not. If you follow these
guidelines, success with your LAP-BAND will be inevitable. If you want to try
a new food, but are unsure if it is suitable for your diet, or want to make
sure you're already eating the right things, it is best to consult your
physician or nutritionist.