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LAP-BAND Fills and Adjustments

LAP-BAND Adjustments and Fills for Optimal Weight Loss Results

To maximize the results of your LAP-BAND surgery, you’ll need routine follow up visits where your LAP-BAND device will be adjusted by tightening or loosening the band. During these follow up appointments, or adjustments, your surgeon will alter the amount of fluid in your LAP-BAND. When the band is properly inflated, you won’t feel hungry between meals and you will have optimal weight loss results.

Your first adjustment appointment will take place about a month to six weeks after your surgery. The adjustment consists of several steps, starting with the surgeon locating the access port underneath the skin of your abdomen. Then, your surgeon will insert a fine needle into the access port to fill it with a sterile saline fluid, which tightens the band. You will feel a tiny prick, but this shouldn't be too painful.

The goal of these follow-up visits is to get you in “the green zone,” where the amount of fluid in the band is just right. The band must be inflated to the appropriate degree so you are losing weight at a slow, steady pace, without being uncomfortable. When the band is too loose, “yellow zone,” you will be able to eat larger portions, you’ll feel hungry between meals, and you won’t lose adequate weight. By comparison, the “red zone” occurs if the band is too tight, and you will feel uncomfortable and may regurgitate food and experience frequent coughing.

You will require adjustments every few weeks in the months following surgery. Most patients get between five and eight adjustments in the first year after their surgery. Reasons for getting an adjustment include vomiting after eating, not feeling full after eating, and not losing weight. Adjustment appointments will be less frequent as you get closer to reaching your goal weight. Remember that only a trained, authorized clinician can properly adjust your LAP-BAND device. Never allow untrained, non-medical personnel to adjust the LAP-BAND, and never perform your own adjustments.

If you are interested in learning more about LAP-BAND adjustments and fills, please call LAP-BAND VIP at 1-855-690-0560, and one we will be happy to address any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.