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LAP-BAND Before and After Pictures

322 lbs
222 lbs
Licensed Vocational Nurse
5' 4"
8 years 41 weeks ago
Lori Before Getting the LAP-BAND
"I actually look forward to each and every day now"
49 yr. old, mother of two grown children. I am a "work-a-holic" nurse that has worked in the medical field for 18 years and love every minute of it. I enjoy vacations that include water sports ie: swimming, wave-runners. I love going to the river and local lakes. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and getting to know new people.
I have struggled with my weight every since I was 5 yrs old and was struck by a car. My mouth was wired shut for 6 weeks, after that I just began gaining weight. Yo Yo 'd up and down all of my life, stress, abusive marriage, bad divorce, and finally another car accident that left me with a back injury with limited exercise abilities, finally reaching my top weight of 322 lbs.
When I reached my top weight and tested pre-diabetic, that scared me since there is a family history of diabetes. It also became very difficult to do my job as a nurse, lifting, pushing, pulling and just simply walking any distance at all became difficult. But probably the most "ah-ha"moment was when I realized I really didn't have the will or want to live any more, I found myself praying to die, rather than wanting to see another day of struggles.
My life is wonderful now, I'm able to do my job easily. I'm able to walk a flight of stairs and still be able to breath when I reach the top. Finding it a little easier to accept compliments, enjoy going shopping with my daughter and actually having a choice of clothes to buy instead of just buying what fits. I actually look forward to each and every day now, how I can impact others lives, not only as a nurse, but someone who has overcome a lot of difficult times in her own life.
Self respect, self worth, confidence, knowing I'm am worth "it"!
I enjoy a lot of different exercises. I enjoy walking outside or on a tread mill. I also have a Gazelle (simulates cross country skiing). I do weight lifting and ab crunches. In the summer time, I like to swim. I usually workout for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, 4-6 days a week.
My diet much healthier now. I don't eat fast foods, fatty, greasy or sugared foods. Since my favorite food is chicken, I eat a lot of chicken fixed a wide variety of ways, I enjoy salads and fresh vegetables. I also like to make homemade soups quite often, especially chicken & veggie or vegetable.)
I enjoy fresh vegetables from our garden. I like to take different squashes and onions and saute them with seasonings - salt, pepper, garlic powder, then I melt a small amount of grated Monterrey Jack Cheese over it and top it off with Parmesan Cheese . . .Yum! This with a nice salad and is my favorite dinner through the summer.