Better Care

Better Results


Weight Before: 
295 lbs
Weight After: 
162 lbs
Date of LAP-BAND Surgery: 
Before LAP-BAND Photo: 
I make being 50 look good!
Mom of 7 and a schedule that goes with a large family as a child extending into childhood. I would always be embarrassed of being so heavy. My sisters were always naturally thin. I felt like the failure of my family.
The Weight Gain: 
Raising kids not focusing on my needs. Lack of exercise, no self discipline when it came to food. Dieting just stressed me out. Measuring, weighting food, counting calories, who had time for that with raising kids especially 7 of them.
The Moment of Change: 
Was at the docs office & in walks a lady that was well over 500 lbs. I am sure, you could see everyone gasp, stare, when she tried to sit down in a chair. To my surprise we were wearing the same outfit. I was horrified. When the nurse called me & I hard a hard time getting out of my chair, eyes were in us like we had two elephants in the room.
A New Life: 
I was huge, fat & old looking at 40 . Now 50 I make being 50 look good! Now when I am out with my daughters they ask me "is this your sister?" not mom. I work out & just living life with the kids and grand kids.
The Reward: 
Diabetes is gone. I feel good. I have amazing energy!
My Diet: 
Small 4 oz meals, well balanced diet just smaller portions.
My Workout: 
6 days a week, 2 to 4 hours a day. I work hard to lose weight, was not easy, but worth it!