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How Many Patients Remove the Band After Having it Placed?


While the LAP-BAND System is a reversible weight-loss surgery option and it can be removed at any time, less than half of 1% of our patients have had the LAP-BAND removed.

Prior to the procedure, our practice closely evaluates patients to ensure they are appropriate candidates for the LAP-BAND System. This includes an evaluation of the causes – both physical and emotional – that contribute to the patient’s excessive weight gain. And following the procedure, patients work closely with our surgeons and weight management team to develop a healthy eating plan, learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines, have routine check-ups and ongoing band adjustments if necessary, and regularly attend support group meetings.

Interested in learning more about LAP-BAND removal? Please call LAP-BAND VIP at 1-855-690-0560, and one of our staff members will be more than happy to address any additional questions you may have.