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Can I Still Eat Out At A Restaurant With The LAP-BAND?


Eating out is safe as long as you can be disciplined enough to order for a small portion of food. This includes appetizers. Also, it is important that you eat slowly and not feel rushed to finish eating at the same time as your dining companions. You may want to let them know in advance that you won’t be eating very much or that you eat slowly. It may also make you feel less pressured to eat a small amount in the restaurant and take the rest home to eat later. Another common practice is to share a plate of food with someone else at the table. Not only will you enjoy the meal without feeling rushed, you will also be saving money!

Remember, try to limit empty calories, chew your food thoroughly, avoid carbonated drinks and enjoy your company. Dining out can become much more enjoyable when you can engage conversation without feeling the need to gorge.

To learn more about eating out with the LAP-BAND, please call LAP-BAND VIP at 1-855-690-0560, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you have.